IT Support

We offer bespoke IT Services to suit your requirements, including everything from day to day troubleshooting to providing you with a Virtual IT Director.

Our team are highly proficient on Windows, Apple and Android platforms to ensure we can always support you.

General & Remote Support

Day to day support and troubleshooting for you and your team to resolve IT problems quickly and efficiently.

Most IT companies shy away from helping at a software user level, we embrace it as our team has a wide array of knowledge around most crucial software programmes. On the rare occasion that we dont have in-house knowledge of certain software, our team are quick to educate themselves and pass the benefits on to your business.

We can supercharge your computing infrastructure with SSD or RAM upgrades accompanied by software optimisation. This will vastly improve boot times and allow you and your team work more effciently.

Office 365

We provide licences for the entire Office 365 suite and can fully manage them, ensuring you and your employees are getting the most out of each service and keeping your data secure. We can quickly and easily add more services for you as new employees arrive and your business scales in size.

File Sharing & Backup

Instantly and securely share files with your employees and clients, anywhere that you have an internet connection. We can create hierarchy structures to only allow access to certain files for directors and management for example. This solutions allows you to and your team to work from anywhere.

Device Management

We can help you keep track, update and manage local and mobile devices over the internet. We can also lock down access to certain websites and apps ensuring that you maximise your employee productivity. If you require only very limited access on certain devices we can activate a ‘kiosk mode’ setup.

Managed Virus & Malware Protection

Keep your infrastructure secure with managed virus and malware protection. All web traffic is scanned to block access to any sites that have been reported as malicious. We monitor all of your devices to ensure they’re healthy and running to the best of their ability.

IT Project Consultation & Virtual IT Director

If you have a need for new IT solutions for current or incoming business ventures or developments, we can help you choose the best way forward. We can advise on costings and suitable software and hardware packages.

Where there is a need, we can provide you with an Virtual IT Director who will immerse themselves into your business, using their knowledge to enhance your IT operations through current and emerging technologies.

They’ll also be able to accompany you in meetings where technical details may be discussed, giving you the confidence that you’re always making the right decisions for your business with new clients and service providers.