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Designing unique online experiences.

We’re a full service digital agency based in Sutton Coldfield.

We will go the extra mile to invest time in understanding your business drivers and challenges and will work with you to develop solutions that meet these challenges. We also deliver robust product functionality, excellent service and value for money.

Our Services

Web Design

Web Design can be a living, breathing extension of your business. We can help you create a digital experience that will capture the imagination of your audience perfectly.


Getting noticed on the internet can be tough. Once your website looks fantastic and provides a great user experience we can use Search Engine Optimisation to drive traffic to your site.


Our E-commerce websites are safe and secure online shops to automatically take payments from your customers, send you orders and keep track of your stock levels. We can provide all major payment gateways.

Branding & Print

It’s important that your business clearly communicates its message. Genius Creative will ensure your branding meets exceptional standards conveying professionalism and credibility.


Professional imagery can make the difference between a good website and a great one. We have a team that can capture your business at its best to make that lasting impression upon new and current clients.

IT Solutions & Networking

Supercharge your business with the next generation of computing infrastructure. Cloud storage, virtual machines and more.

About Us

Sutton Coldfield web design


 Genius Creative is a growing company with our focus firmly on the future. Our Web Design services and other digital products are created with innovation and scalability in mind. We have a passion for what we do which soon becomes apparent to our new clients when we meet for the first time. We’re based in Sutton Coldfield with clients on both a local and national scale.

Your customers’ needs are constantly evolving and this requires your business to stay at the forefront in terms of technology and forward thinking. We thrive on this and look forward to providing you with problem solving, time saving solutions that lead to new and increased revenue streams and opportunities. Our web design services include business level hosting and email addresses.


At Genius Creative we love a good working-relationship, you can rest assured that your business’s website is in good hands and that we won’t be 100% satisfied until you are. We like to think that business is a lot more than an exchange of payment for a product or service – if we can go out of our way to help nurture your company further in any way, we always will by offering advice and guidance.

Time is precious, we will strive to ensure that we get your website or other digital product to market as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst still providing outstanding quality. Our customer support is second to none and there will always be someone available to answer any questions or to fire ideas off of.

Genius Creative Branding

Our Team

  • Ed Jones
    Ed Jones Strategy, Design, Technology, Advertising
  • Michael Vickers
  • Steve Feeley
    Steve Feeley Strategy, Design, Technology, Advertising

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